Gianluca Bucci was born in Milan in 1962. He graduated from I.T.S.O.S. 
in Visual Comunication; then graduated at the School of Cinematography in Milan. 
From '85 he started working as an assistant photographer in fashion and advertising. 
From '88 he started to work as a photographer and a cameraman freelance.

During the last years he worked for Vanity Fair (Italy), Capital, Motociclismo, Airone,
Lo Specchio, Traveller, IL, Riders.

He pubblished 6 photographical books: Lugano, Strade d'Oltrepo, Ticino, MilanoNoir, 
Da inizio secolo a fine millennio (a book of portraits in black and white, about old people, 
winning the Schiller Prize as the best book of Italian Switzerland in 1999) and Fiori Neri.
In 2004/2005 he exposed MilanoNoir at the Noir in Festival in Courmayeur, in Milan 
and in Lugano. In 2005 he is selected to partecipate at "Photo and Photo", a photographical festival 
organized by Enrica Viganò.

In the last years he has been doing a personal research on gardens and vegetal life (showing in Milano at Wabi Gallery in fall 2011), 
on the Nile and ancient Egypt, and on the Via Emilia, all in black and white.